Frequently Asked Questions

Got a few questions before you start your quest?

  • What are HooperStar Challenge Awards?

    HooperStar Challenge Awards are self - paced awards that you can work through at home or in training, alone or with friends. Each level is made up of individual challenges and together they make up the requirements for the award.

  • How do I earn the awards?

    You simply have to take on each challenge and complete the exercises successfully.

  • How do I know what to do?

    Each level is broken down into challenges. Each challenge contains all the info you need such as a diagram or video plus all of the requirements laid out for you too. Each challenge also has its own video upload section so you don't have to worry about juggling multiple files, 1 challenge = 1 video upload

  • Can other people see my videos?

    Absolutely not! Your HooperStar Challenge journey is private to you and only your assessor will be able to see your videos. We do not use any public forum and nobody else will see your submissions unless you choose to share them yourself elsewhere.

  • How much does it cost and what will I get?

    Each level costs £15, you get 60 days to complete each level and upon completion you will receive a beautiful HooperStar Challenge Award rosette in a different colour combo and with printed tails for each level which make up a very impressive collection!

  • Can I work through them in my training club?

    Absolutely! Ask your instructor about working through your HooperStar Challenge awards, if they have given you a unique link to sign up with then make sure you use that to get started!

  • How much equipment do I need?

    Level 1 requires a maximum of 7 hoops and 1 barrel to complete all individual challenges. You can get started with just 4 hoops and a barrel.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    It's Time to Shine!

    • Welcome to Level 2!

  • 2

    Level 2 - Challenge 1

    • Part 1 Diagram

    • Part 1 Requirements

    • L2 P1 Challenge Accepted!

  • 3

    Level 2 - Challenge 2

    • Part 2 Diagram

    • Part 2 Requirements

    • L2P2 Challenge Accepted!

  • 4

    Level 2 - Challenge 3

    • Part 3 Diagram

    • Part 3 Requirements

    • L2P3 Challenge Accepted!

  • 5

    Level 2 - Challenge 4

    • Part 4 Diagram

    • Part 4 Requirements

    • L2P4 Challenge Accepted!

  • 6

    Award L2 Claim

    • Claim Your Award!

    • What's Next?