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Join hoopers 365 for a full year of courses for £10 per month. Or take advantage of some great sign up discounts by paying £30 per month for just 3 months (saving £30 over the year) or save a massive £45 by making a one off payment of just £75. That's less than £1.50 per week!

What's Included

Hoopers 365 - A Year in Courses is a phenomenal resource for anyone who is #hookedonhoopers

Each week you will receive a brand new course from one of the UK's top trainers and judges to recreate, train and run. 

All courses are planned inline with the UK Hoopers rule book and may contain any allowable obstacle. 

Not got a full set of kit? Many courses also have notes to suggest alternatives or substitute equipment too and many can be scaled up or down.

Courses range from beginner to advanced level and you have access for the full year so you can come back to a course at any time. 

But it's not just the course patterns you have access to! There are also a range of bonus content including course walk throughs, hints and tips on building courses and also training tips and insight into the designs themselves. 

So what are you waiting for? For under £1.50 per week you'd be crazy to miss out on access to all this! That's cheaper than a cappuccino!


Got a question about Hoopers 365?

  • Do I have to do each course each week?

    No, there is no requirement to run any of the courses, you may use Hoopers 365 - A Year in Courses to develop your own knowledge and understanding of hoopers courses or to gain inspiration for your own courses.

  • Can I use courses in my training class?

    Yes, copyright belongs to the original designer but you are welcome to use Hoopers 365 courses with friends or students in person however you must not pass them off as your own or use them in competition or reproduce them for training materials such as booklets or videos. Standard copyright law applies.

  • What difficulty level should I expect?

    There are courses for every level, some really simple and some really challenging. There are courses that use a range of skills and some that will push your boundaries. The best part is you will have access to courses for the whole year, so even if you feel something is too advanced right now, you will know exactly where it is and can come back to it later. Don't forget a course which pushes your skills can be a great way to gain inspiration for training skills and keeping your training fun and varied. Likewise it's really great to go back over the basics from time to time and an easier course is a fantastic way to do that and build confidence.

What H365 members have to say:

Love it.

by Linda

Very clear instructions with easy to follow diagrams, going to watch a number of times so I can fully understand what I am doing with the course building. Love it.