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  • Foundation Skills

    Learn and perfect essential skills without equipment. Polish your handling, cement your understanding and teach your dog from the very beginnings of foundation training for incredible & lasting results.

  • Starting Big

    Introduce your dog to all hoopers equipment and begin to prepare them for independent handling from the outset. Using reward based training and instilling value and fun into the equipment.

  • Moving Forward

    Put your new skills together into sequences, learn more about hoopers courses and how to advance your foundation skills to more complex exercises and prepare for tackling full courses.

Course Options

Choose to make the most of your course with FULL PARTICIPATION which includes personalised tutor feedback, or CONTENT ONLY which does not include interaction with the tutor. In full participation mode your submissions are made by video upload & are not viewable by other students, all feedback is received privately

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Got a question about this course? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • Me and my dog are new to hoopers, is this course for us?

    Yes! Hoopers from the Ground Forward starts at the very beginning, this course makes no assumptions that you have any sort of previous hoopers (or any sport) training and guides you every step of the way.

  • We have done some hoopers already but want to work on our foundations, is this course for us?

    Yes! There may be a few bits that you have done already, but if you're deciding to take a step back to work on basics then you already know the importance of really good strong, solid foundations and every exercise will help you build those.

  • Do I need a full set of swanky kit?

    Absolutely not! If you wanted to go the whole hog you would need a handful of hoops, a barrel, a tunnel and a mat. But don't worry if you have DIY kit, as long as its safe to use you can have loads of fun training with it! We will even discuss low cost kit options as we go along.

  • I want to join in the fun! When does the next course start?

    Your hoopers journey starts RIGHT NOW! There is no time like the present so jump straight in, you'll start at the very beginning, there is no such thing as playing catch up here! This course is completed at YOUR leisure, with no strict schedule and no timed sessions, learn at your own pace with new content available to you every few days.

  • How do I get my personal feedback? Is there a Facebook group where everyone else can see my videos?

    No! All of your learning is completely private to you. Your instructor is the only person who can view your videos and the feedback they give to you is private too so don't worry about anyone else on the course seeing your videos. And we don't judge either, so if you forget to brush your hair, honestly... we really don't mind! :-)